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Complete K9 Services & Security

CK9-SAS provides enhanced security services for your home, business and school

security services to the Sunshine Coast

CK9-SAS will stop vandalism and intruders, protect your people and property and give you peace of mind.

We provide a full suite of security services including alarm response services, mobile patrols and static guards.

School vandalism is an increasing problem, costing thousands of dollars for targeted schools. Similarly business break-ins and home security are areas that are requiring more attention to ensure the safety and security of your people and property.

A well-installed security alarm system is a crucial part of an effective security plan for your school, home or business. However, without an alarm response from a security company, the alarm only works as a deterrent and the last thing you want to do is to put your staff or family in danger responding to an alarm. Our CK9-SAS security guard alarm response service ensures an immediate respond and action to the cause of the alarm. In case of an alarm, a CK9-SAS alarm response team provides peace of mind that a trained security presence will be onsite at your home or business within minutes when there is an immediate and potentially dangerous situation present. We take the full responsibility of dealing with your alarm without charging you any additional call out fees. Plus with our guard and dog security teams the ability to restrain and detain any offenders safely until police arrive is increased substantially resulting in less likelihood of repeat offences.

Our CK9-SAS mobile patrols work in a unique cluster system for clients giving customers the best security services for their money. This works particularly well for business precincts, industrial areas and neighbourhood watch areas where security costs can be shared between several customers. Each cluster area offers a guard and dog allocated to an area enabling a constant presence in the area and quicker response time to alarms without any additional fees. We target our alarm responses to between 2 to 5 minutes.

All our static guard and dog teams are capable of protecting large areas. Typically our teams are used in construction sites, open displays, large entertainment and sporting venues, camps and fetes, universities and schools, as well as for emergency callouts. Perimeter checks, building checks, car park monitoring and staff security are all able to be incorporated into your CK9-SAS security solution.

All our patrol units have the combined force of guard and dog teams that offer our clients a premium service at an affordable price. We provide comprehensive checks of your property at random intervals to ensure there’s no obvious pattern.

Our experience has shown that this method leaves a lasting impression and the area becomes known as secure, significantly reducing any attempted crime or trouble.

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Services Include

    • School Security
      eliminate vandalism
    • Business Security
      patrols, static guards, alarm response, cash in transit
    • Home Security
      peace of mind for your family
    • Function, Party & Event Security
    • Property Security Audits
    • Specialised Guard and Canine Teams
      capable of protecting large areas


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