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Need Good Security?
You need the CK9-SAS Difference!

The CK9-SAS Security Service Difference

Security is our business and we appreciate that every business and home is different. We provide security services tailored to the individual circumstances irrespective of how small or big the client or job is.

Our security guard and canine teams add an extra level of security with the dog’s incredible sense of hearing and powerful sense of smell ensuring they can detect people even in total darkness.

It is almost impossible for an intruder to overpower a dog and guard team as it gives the equivalent of several static guards resulting in more value for our clients at an affordable price.

What sets us apart from other security companies?

We offer:

  • Security services regardless of the size of the job
  • Full range of security services that can be individually tailored to suit your requirements
  • 24/7 contact with your guard team – not a service call centre
  • Alarm response without additional charges
  • Combined force of guard and canine security teams
  • Personal service from a family owned and operated business with local knowledge and contacts

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Get Protected

Services Include

    • School Security
      eliminate vandalism
    • Business Security
      patrols, static guards, alarm response, cash in transit
    • Home Security
      peace of mind for your family
    • Function, Party & Event Security
    • Property Security Audits
    • Specialised Guard and Canine Teams
      capable of protecting large areas


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